About us

Brutal supplement store was founded in 2012 in Skopje, Macedonia with one goal in mind: to become the biggest supplement store in the country. As the only distributer of AMIX Nutrition’s products in the country, we are fully dedicated to their quality.

With our Brutal TEAM, we brought the Brutal supplements to every athlete, everybody who loves the healthy way of life and nutrition. With amazingly fast distribution and horrifically good quality of supplements, Brutal became one of the best supplement stores in the country.

Due to high demand on the market taught us to bring only the best products from AMIX Nutrition that fulfill the needs and tastes of the most specific customers, which made us a very trendy brand among the highest of athletes. AMIX is really a brand who fulfills the needs of every athlete, enthusiast, fitness mania and highly competitive bodybuilders in search of their goals! Every product is the best of it’s kind and the most tasteful!